Aircraft Provisioning

Easily generate T-File and CDF files from your existing CMM documentation.

If your company supplies OEM components for airlines, companies such as Boeing and Airbus will require an electronic record of your Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and Illustrated Parts List (IPL). These files are held in a particular file format which is modified every so often.

Our two tools help you generate 80% of this information from your SGML files while maintaining specific T-File and CDF information in a central SQL database. The system maintenance takes place with a straightforward Windows application capable of gathering product knowledge as soon as new component is added for use on future manuals.

The T-File module

The T-File module uses your CMM and IPL documents to generate T-Files for both Boeing and Airbus. The T-File contains your parts provisioning information and is a requirement for OEM component suppliers. It provides guidance and recommendations of parts that are available to airline support operations. The parts contained within the T-File should broadly match the parts described in your component maintenance manual (CMM) and illustrated parts list (IPL).

Each T-File sent to Boeing or Airbus must conform to the standards developed within the industry. For complex products and products that vary by airline this can be a time consuming activity for technical publication departments, especially when a T-File needs to be revised.

How does it work?

This system imports the data from your SGML (Arbortext) documents into the system database. This represents a dramatic increase in productivity as your manuals data is re-used to become an accurate cross-reference. The system database holds details of all your manuals so common data related to the fixed part numbers can be used for multiple T-Files.

The system provides windows to maintain this data:
• CMM Definition
• Part Number Record Fixed (PNRF)
• Part Number Record Variable (PNRV)
• Additional Data Record Fixed (ADRF)
• Additional Data Record Variable (ADRV)

The ATA SPEC2000 standards have been built into the system so each T-File produced will be technically correct. System code tables provide further validation in terms of drop-down lists.

A successful manual validation check is necessary before the T-File can be created for external validation:

• Boeing (CDG)
• Airbus (ASDI Tool)

Nexus support ensures your system is kept up-to-date when the standards change. Although the core T-File formats match, there are differences between Airbus and Boeing formats which the system understands.

Component data forms (CDF)

Since January 2006 all component data forms (CDF) must be supplied as a coded file. The CDF module provides a means by which the data imported into the T-File module can be viewed, edited, saved, printed and exported.

The export facility provides the import files for the ASDI tool supplied by Airbus. A single file is produced with sections that correspond to the areas required by Airbus. It is based upon the six areas described below. These are used by the Airbus ASDI import verification process. You may provide information on each end-item you supply to Airbus.

The six forms are:

1 Header Information
Controlling the Item which describes the End Item.

2 Component Basic Data
2.1 General
The entry of general data, reliability data and inter-changeability information for a component.

2.2 Complementary
Information for optional part numbers and optional part suppliers.

2.3 Packaging
The entry of packaging data and equipment sensitivity information of the component.

2.4 Technical Publication
Provides technical publication information for the component.

3 Shelf Life
The entry of shelf life and inspection frequency requirements.

4 Line Maintenance Parts
Identification and maintenance data for all line maintenance parts (LMP) used by the component. The module supports sub-component technical publications.

5 Sub Components
The identification of sub-components within the CDF, a sub-component is part of a component that has its own documentation.

6 Tools
Provision of data on any tools required for part maintenance.

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