Nexus CRM

A straightforward and cost-effective solution to manage interactions with your current and future customers.

The system will tightly integrate with our MIS products such as Conex, Haul IT and Trader. Nexus CRM will also sync with Microsoft Office products which ensures none of your data is duplicated. Your mailboxes, calendar and tasks will be shared and Excel worksheets may be imported and exported on demand.

Our Nexus CRM system offers organisation of:

• Accounts and Contacts
• Opportunity Management
• Sales Dashboards
• Marketing Campaigns
• Reporting
• Field Service Maintenance

Nexus CRM enables your sales teams by empowering them with social tools.

Social network logos
In the social and mobile world, businesses must react and share information faster than ever. Connecting with your contacts on their terms means social listening.

This is Social CRM, listening for and engaging with social media conversations, tracking new leads from a Tweet or Facebook post and moving them to your sales dashboard.

The CRM Dashboard

Your dashboard will provide the latest information about your accounts, contacts and opportunities.

All the information you need is available in graphical and tabular formats from one window. Information is formatted using colour codes showing year on year account performance.

The dashboard allows you to drill-down to the details for your specific enquiries where you can view or edit the information.


Why Nexus CRM?

• Easy input for existing customers,
• Integrates fully with social media,
• Integrates with google and outlook calendar,
• User friendly,
• Dashboard driven,
• Automatically updates and prompts key activity,
• Helps sales teams drive the business, manage margins, revenue and turnover,
• ‘Tiered’ access to information is available,
• Sales managers can show the performance of each team member,
• Easily bolts to our Trader package,
• Monthly fee from only £200.


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