Weight Manager

Sophisticated and accurate material management and product sampling services.

Typically used by pharmaceutical, food and compound manufacturers, our systems remove the reliance on check weighs, ensures consistency and will deliver the quality attainment levels that you need to secure contracts with end users. The software prevents costly mistakes, offers a prompt and validation system, an audit trail and fully integrates with Syspro. It gives you a sophisticated stock and fulfilment service which can also check barcodes, dates and case codes.



Weight Manager Materials

Weight Manager Material Control is a formulation control system designed to guide operators as they dispense materials using electronic scales.

Its primary function ensures each material dispensed has been correctly identified and is in the correct quantity.

How does it work?

This is achieved by linking a networked Windows workstation equipped with an IP65 rated touchscreen technology with two electronic scales and a wireless barcode reader.

While large weights are directed to platform scales, materials requiring greater precision are weighed on a desktop scale. Nominated materials may be routed to a separate location for weighing. By reading barcode labels assigned during the goods inwards procedure, a material can be validated and the supplier’s batch number assigned.

The operator is guided by traffic light controls on the touch screen. Typically a green display will be shown until the weight is within 10% of the target weight, the display will change to amber until the weight falls with the accepted tolerance coloured red.

As each event occurs, details are written to the Weight Manager database for reporting purposes and batch traceability.

Product features:

• Scale Calibration Procedure
• COSHH Operator Instructions
• ERP Order Validation
• Automatic Material Issues to ERP
• Label Printing for each Container
• Flexible Dispensing Methodology
• Shift and User Identification.

Weight Manager Sampling

A networked Windows workstation is linked to electronic scales. The results recorded by the system are written to a central database. ODBC data sources provide the interface to your ERP database.

The operator selects the job to be sampled from a drop-down list. The open jobs listed are populated from a view within your ERP database.

The product specification will determine if specific gravity (SG) is to be recorded. If it does the operator will select the first batch to be dispensed and enters the SG. If the SG is fixed the process will fail when the SG values do not match.

The system will calculate the target weights for each unit. This is based on the unit size and density. The T1 and T2 points will then be calculated using your local legislation rules. You configure when the sampling should take place from the following events.
• The first batch
• A change of batch
• A shift change
• A fixed period of time
• The job ends

Product features:

The software has an important administration module which provides the tools to configure the system and the electronic scale. It provides you with an area to store operator instructions for exception management and a number of standard reports which can be printed or exported to Excel worksheets.

The accumulated quantity of finished product produced can also be recorded at fixed intervals. This provides an instant efficiency calculation and the operator ID’s deployed to this job can also be recorded.

Weight Manager Sampling also offers a number of additional inspection checks which are configured on the product specification. Attaching a barcode reader will assist when recording these additional check results.

Typical checks include:
• Pack Best Before
• Case Best Before
• Pack Code
• Case Code
• Pack Barcode
• Pack Barcode
• Pack Seals
• Case Seals
• Component Count
• Pallet Configuration

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